Preserving Products Ltd was established in 1986. We are a small privately owned company based in Auckland. Originally we were the distributors of “AGEE”. In 2000 we became the sole distributors of the “PERFIT” brand, and in 2003 we ceased production of “AGEE” in favour of the more popular “PERFIT” label.

We manufacture and wholesale:

  • Perfit D1 Large Dome Seals

  • B1 Gold Screw Bands

  • B2 Green Screw Bands

  • 1 Litre Perfit Utility Preserving Jars

  • 500 ml Perfit Utility Preserving Jars

Originally both AGEE” and “PERFIT” were identical products and made in the same factory in Auckland. In 2004 we were advised by our manufacturer that they were closing down the production line.

This left us with a major problem, we could either close the business down and that would be the end of an era in New Zealand for preserving or to source product overseas. After an exhaustive hunt we finally located a manufacturer who makes seals and bands for the North American market. This company is now producing our Perfit Seals and Bands. Because our usage is only a fraction of their production we were forced to use the same thickness steel plate that they were using. This plate is slightly thinner than we had originally used and while the dome seals work extremely well for the Overflow Method it has created some problems when using the “AGEE PRESERVER” or Water Bath methods.

Our range of 1 litre and 500ml Perfit Utility Preserving Jars are also made off shore as are all other Preserving Jars that are sold in New Zealand. They come complete with both Dome Seal and Green Screw Band. Our “PERFIT” replacement Green Bands and D1 Dome Seals fit these Jars.

Due to the decrease in demand we no longer make the small “G” Seals and Screw Bands that fit the old coffee jars.